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Our team of movement leaders is prepared to serve you. They have diverse experiences, but all three focus on a missologically theocentric engagement of contemporary culture. Feel free to contact them directly or use the form below.

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All of our topics can be either in person or via video webinar. Contact us for more information.

Business Luncheon – typically a 30-45 minute talk focused on engaging the business community in the completion of the Great Commission. For audiences of all sizes.

Church Leaders’ Luncheon – typically a 30-45 minute talk focused on casting vision for a missiologically theocentric passion for God’s glory by joining His mission in pursuit of more worshipers. For audiences of all sizes.

Sermon – typically a 30-45 minute exegetical sermon focused on one of the following topics: launching a movement, grounding a movement, leading a movement, multiplying a movement, or sustaining a movement.

Shepherding Your Church to Movement – one day seminar focused on a missiologically theocentric ecclesiology expressed in four salient features: praxis, koinonia, hermeneutics, leaders. We also design a unique online interactive experience for participants. For audiences of all sizes.

Movement Workshop – a two day workshop focused on discovering principles of a missiologically theocentric movement that effectively engages a community by connecting Jesus’s story to the story of the people. The workshop culminates in a movement action plan uniquely designed to engage your community, disciple new believers, develop leaders, and establish healthy communities of Christ-followers. Includes a free copy of Ephesiology: The Study of the Ephesian Movement. Limited to 20 key leaders.

We recognize that the size and situation of ministries vary. Contact us for speaker fees. We’ll make every attempt to partner with you for a suitable plan that fits your budget.

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