The Peaceable Christian: Five Evangelicals Reflect on Peace

From the Foreword by Craig Williford, President, Trinity International University In The Peaceable Christian, you will read some new perspectives and arguments for understanding how Christians might approach the use of violence-how we might slow down our apparent quickness to use violence, and instead, while properly confronting evil and injustice, set peacemaking as the ultimate goal. This is a book that explores how politics may overly shape current Christian thinking on this subject. And in response the authors argue that biblical and theological thinking should be the starting point for understanding our political responses to peace and war, not vice versa. Following an interdisciplinary approach, the diverse authors of this book suggest how seeking to become peacemakers may be a wiser path than the traditional approaches of just war or pacifist total nonviolence approaches. In this book you will gain perspectives from a philosopher, Bible scholar, multicultural expert, a psychologist, and an educator as they share their unique views on this crucial topic. They honestly and candidly explain that this book will not answer all your questions. But it will challenge your presuppositions and current thinking. And it will renew your interest in this topic while encouraging you to become a peacemaker.

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Tags: Featured, Recommended Books
Publisher: Timothy Center Press
Publication Year: 2011
ISBN: 0578086859
eBook Price: 9.99
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