Discussion Questions – Ch 10

The Anatomy of a Movement


After reading the chapter, respond to the follow discussion questions with your small group, house church, or leadership team.

  • In what ways are you “passionate for God’s will to unite all things in Christ” daily? How about your church/ministry?

  • Read the eleven characteristics of a Christ follower again and come back to this. Before doing anything else, stop and thank God for the grace he gives us as his sons and daughters. Thank God that this list is not a new measuring stick of righteousness (read: burden), but a set of characteristics he is growing us into. 

  • With that in mind, which three of the eleven do you feel need immediate growth? Where do you feel the Holy Spirit tugging your heart to pursue?

  • What are some worship rituals that you/your church/ministry does simply because that’s how you were taught? What are potentially some things that could change to reflect the present searching of the culture?

  • As this book comes to a close, take a moment of reflection. Where in the ephesiological rhythm is your church/ministry; launching, grounding, leading, multiplying or sustaining? What has gotten you there/kept you from moving forward?

  • What are the immediate steps you feel you must take in response to what you’ve read in this book?

Spend a moment before moving on and pray that the Holy Spirit speaks clearly to you/you all as you reengage with Ephesiology.

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Gregory the Theologian said in effect that theology should be conducted between people who are serious and it should be characterized by pure and peaceful collaboration. We invite you into this collaboration as you reflect on the following questions. Join the discussion by posting comments below. As fellow learners, please be respectful and gracious in your interactions with others.

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