A Message of Hope

A message of hope during a time of crisis from Christian leaders around the world

Surjit (India): Covid-19 pandemic is a matter of serious concern across the globe. Many nations stand in despair how to handle this crisis.

Esaie (Burkina Faso): Many people are dominated by fear and despair. When will this COVID-19 end? 

Beni (Nepal): Many people are worried about what’s going to happen next? Will we have our daily needs met like water, food, fuel supply. Will medical assistance be available if things continue the way now? 

Devlin (Massachusetts): We grow in concern for whether our communities have access to information, healthcare and safety and whether our healthcare systems and professionals can keep up with the demands of this pandemic.

Heath (Texas): We yearn for solid ground to stand on but all the voices seem to only lead to shifting sand.

SeunMin (South Korea): We cry out, but there does not seem to be an answer. 

Marius (Romania): In these times most of us perceive only the darkness that surrounds our communities and our lives. 

Chito (Philippines): And the only one who can give us peace in the midst of chaos and uncertainty is Jesus. His peace is the kind that transcends understanding, something that the world cannot understand.

Everyone: There is hope.

Michael (Michigan): It is a hope that is promised by Jesus Christ. A hope for all nations. A hope for us in a time of crisis.

Julian (Colombia): With God’s help, humanity will overcome this.

Surjit (India): In this grim situation only one thing we can do is to look unto Jesus with great hope and trust. He will never fail us.

SeunMin (South Korea): The Gospel is still about abounding in hope, even more so in times of fear.

Esaie (Burkina Faso): So, never give up. Jesus is on our side.

Julian (Colombia): Thanks to God that we have someone to trust.

Marius (Romania): When Stephen, the first Christian martyr, was surrounded by those who were throwing stones and hated at him, he raised his eyes and focused on Jesus at the right hand of the Father. Let’s do that. There is hope.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only Son that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have eternal life. (John 3:16)

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