Don’t Go to Seminary

We bring seminary to you! Study with some of the world’s leading experts of church planting and movements and earn a graduate degree from Kairos University or Mission India Theological Seminary.

We know you are passionate about God’s mission and so are we. Our non-residential degree programs are especially designed to prepare you to see God do more than you can imagine right from your place of ministry. Join a learning experience concerned for your head, heart, and hands, and earn a Doctoral or Master’s degree. Or, begin with one of our certificates and apply the experience to a degree later.

This is your education and our focus is on you not simply as a student, but as a fellow learner on a journey to develop a proficiency in theological and missiological content, vocational skills that will lead to success, and character motivated by your identity in Christ.

Our Educational Philosophy

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Our Initiatives

For Church Planters – Designed by experienced church planters who have been instrumental in not only training church planters but planting churches in North America and around the world. You’ll learn culturally relevant ways to connect Jesus’s story with the story of your community in order to gather disciples and equip them to multiple more disciples. This is ideal of co-vocational church planters. Cost: $250 per month

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For Missionaries – The Movement Studies Certificate is designed especially for current and prospective missionaries working among church planting movements and disciple making movements. The certificate equips you with the most recent scholarship on Christian movements as well as movement principles from the study of the New Testament and the academic discipline of missiology. Cost: $250 per month

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Master of Arts – Increasing numbers of lay people are considering or already involved in career paths that lead them into areas of intentional cultural engagement including public policy, education, journalism, sociology, law, business, urban ministries, church missions, and working with advocacy groups. The Master of Arts is a 48 credit hour program that provides the foundations and flexibility to meet these lay people’s needs. Nontraditional students are often seeking postgraduate training that will meet both specific credentialing needs and/or allow targeted areas for critical analysis. The degree equips students to trace the contours of contemporary culture, interpret its movements and messages, and engage its challenges from a biblically informed worldview. Cost: $300 per month

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Master of Arts with Focus on Church Planting – With the continuing decline of Western Christianity and the expansion of the gospel around the world, church planting can play a vital role in the evangelization of people in the post-Christian cultural milieu as well as in the majority world. This Master of Arts degree is designed to equip those who sense God’s leading into the challenging ministry of starting new churches. The 48-credit hour degree focuses on biblical, theological, and missiological competencies to effectively launch, ground, lead, multiply, and sustain healthy, reproducing churches. Cost: $300 per month

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Master of Arts in Missiology of Movements equips students to effectively engage their culture with the skills and character concomitant with a biblically informed worldview in order to catalyze movements of disciples around the world. The degree is designed for those seeking the academic and ministry preparation for work as movement catalysts and strategy coordinators, missionaries, cross-cultural consultants, as well as cultural researchers. The robust nature of the degree may serve as a step toward doctoral studies in related areas. Cost: $5,200

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Master of Divinity – A non-residential degree designed to equip those who sense God’s leading into the challenging ministry of starting and sustaining new churches as well as revitalizing existing churches. The degree also equips you for the exciting role as a leader among equals in an APEST framework. The 72-credit hour degree focuses on biblical, theological, and missiological proficiencies to effectively make disciples, equip New Testament leaders, and restore and multiple healthy churches. Cost: $300 per month

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Doctor of Ministry – A specialized degree aimed to help you reflect critically about ministry and engage rigorously in theological and missiological dialogue in an advanced learning environment. This is a practical and professional degree program centered on the intersection of culture and theology. The program provides unique opportunity to do theology in your context. It will deepen your faith, challenge your paradigms, and help you develop personal, ministry, and intellectual habits so you will continue to flourish where God leads you. Cost: $300 per month

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