Interested in helping us train leaders around the world? Today around the world, we are experiencing a theological famine.

  • There is one theologically trained pastor in the majority world to every 450,000 people, whereas in the US it is one theologically trained pastor to every 230 people. By some estimates, as many as 85 percent of pastors around the world have no seminary education.
  • At Lausanne 2010 in Cape Town, many global Christian leaders were asking mission agencies to focus less attention on doing evangelism and church planting and to bring more theological education. These leaders felt like they could do the evangelism and discipleship, but they were not prepared to train pastors.
  • Many scholars agree that we must not compromise on theological education in our missionary efforts as it will ensure the ongoing healthy growth of a movement and help prevent heresy.
  • Western seminary education is financially inaccessible as well as irrelevant to the majority world.

Through our partnership with Mission India Theological Seminary, we are able to offer relevant and high quality theological education for pastors and leaders around the world for less than $50 per month.

To achieve our goal to provide theological education for 100 Christian leaders serving in the spiritually darkest places around the world, we seek to raise scholarships that will contribute to the end of the theological famine. Our globally accessible platform as well as onsite courses already assist in resourcing and equipping many national leaders. Your contribution to our scholarship fund will help ensure that biblically grounded theological training can reach even more of those with the most need.

Expected Project Outcomes

We expect the following four outcomes in 2021-2023:

  1. Scholarship 100 Christian leaders with evangelically oriented and missiological based theological education to mature disciples, train New Testament leaders, and sustain multiplying churches.
  2. Work with Christian leaders to create culturally appropriate leadership development resources in seven gateway languages focused on empowering movement catalysts through discovery learning and identity based discipleship.
  3. On Site Seminars – Three training seminars in seven gateway language locations will focus on training key national movement catalysts who will train an estimated 3,645 trainers to multiply additional trainers. The seminars will be discovery learning based with an emphasis on doing theology in community to ensure rootedness in the culture and fidelity to the Christian faith.
  4. Production of globally accessible media with special attention on oral preference learning that will enhance and contribute to facilitating the ongoing leadership development of trainers of trainers and resource majority world missionaries.

To partner with us in providing scholarships for 100 Christian leaders in the majority world click the button below. Just $1,200 or $50/month for 24 months provides the full tuition for a Christian leader to receive a two-year seminary degree.

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