The Ephesiology Blog focuses on the missiological exegesis of contemporary culture as we study people, history, and beliefs in order to understand what God might be doing to engage society with the gospel.

Join us here for thought provoking and pro-active reflections on current events and effective cultural engagement that leads to a missiological theocentric passion for God’s mission in the world. Look for updates to previous blogs as we continue to think and process what we are observing in culture.

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Recent Blogs

By Michaela Cooper / 8 February, 2020

Making the Kingdom Tangible

I am a millennial. As a member of that often-criticized generation, I have heard pretty much all of the negatives...

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By Ephesiologist / 25 January, 2020

Can Evangelicalism be Saved?

Over the month of December, the American political environment opened an opportunity for many to discuss – perhaps debate or...

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By Ephesiologist / 18 January, 2020

Is God Done with the American Church?

If you’re on social media for any length of time, you inevitably come across a Christian marketing expert promising that...

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By Ephesiologist / 11 January, 2020

40 Days of Prayer

Please join us as we begin 40 days of prayer with our friends at GACX. As we begin a new...

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By Ephesiologist / 4 January, 2020

Leadership and Wine Tasting

When I was in my second year at Texas A&M University, our architectural design class took on a project to...

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By Ephesiologist / 28 December, 2019

How the politics of Jesus informs the politics of the 21st century church

An aphorism attributed to the first century BC Roman orator, Marcus Cicero, goes like this, “Not to know what has...

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By thediscfan / 21 December, 2019

The End of Evangelicalism

The reaction to Mark Galli’s editorial in Christianity Today reveals how polarized the current political climate is in the United States. Some...

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