An Ephesiology Master Class is not your typical seminary course. In fact, this is learning designed with you in mind. Our classes are especially designed for an online and engaging experience that is focused on your learning goals.

Since we have been where you are, we focus on content that we know will help you succeed in multiplying disciples, planting churches, and crossing cultures.

Focused on those who want the missions and ministry skills without the price tag of a seminary, we have designed a platform that is accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world and will not put you in debt. The collaborative nature of our classes will enhance the sense of community where innovation and creativity can thrive. This is a learning experience designed with the practitioner in mind.

It’s not simply about what you know in your head, but what you believe in heart and do with your hands so that you are motivated and equipped to lead movements.


Accessible 24/7 on any device from anywhere around the world

“Ephesiology could prove to be a trendsetter which fills an important gap for many organizations as the future of missiological education may likely involve the development and curation of online resources and courses. I commend you for your vision and creativity.” – Dr. Warrah Farick, Missiologist, One Collective

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