Welcome to Ephesiology! We are dedicated to studying the early Christian movement and its implications for the church today.

Ephesiology[n.ih·fē·zē·äləʒē]: The Study of a Movement journeys from the launch of the church in Ephesus to her sustainment as a movement whose heart to glorify God focused on reaching more people with the gospel. In the intertwining 40 years of the life of the church, she is grounded in God’s mission and led by those who multiplied generations of disciples.

This is the story of Paul’s missiological theology situated in the grand narrative of God’s will and made accessible for the church today.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS PODCAST!!! Great challenging and engaging dialogue on every episode!

Arman Sheffey

Phenomenal teaching powered by the Holy Spirit!

Gary Talman

Timely thoughtful conversation about churches and worldwide movements, and not simply from a western-only point of view.

Jon Gamble

I will be listening to all the episodes, very encouraging!

Chuck Wood II

I love what you guys are doing and honored to be a part of it.

Jeff Christopherson