Journey to Movement

The Journey to Movement is focused on helping pastors, missionaries, and lay leaders discover the Christian movement as an ongoing historical event of God’s relentless pursuit of relationships with every people group. Our Movement Blueprint will help you develop an action plan based on principles you will discover in the Ephesian church. God continues to orchestrate movements around the world and we believe He can birth a movement in your community.

The NT movement that began in Ephesus in 53 AD had a remarkable legacy of spreading the gospel all throughout Asia as well as a rich understanding that all peoples were being built into a dwelling place for God (Eph 2:22). The retreat will trace the movement of the church at Ephesus through Acts 19 to Paul’s epistle. Then, looking at his instructions to the movement’s leader, 1 and 2 Timothy will provide details of our responsibilities as leaders in the movements God continues to orchestrate. Finally, Jesus’s telling letter to the church in Revelation 2 will set the vision for the ongoing work of proclaiming the gospel to all ethnic groups in order that more people will worship God (Rev 7:9).

The Journey to Movement retreat is an exploration of a New Testament movement and its implications for churches today. We believe God can orchestrate a movement in your community that will have a global impact (Acts 1:8). Learn more about our team or contact us for more information about scheduling a retreat for your church or organization.