South Asia Resources

Here are Ephesiology resources in different South Asian languages. These resources are expanding so check back frequently. To learn more about our vision for developing more resources, click the link below.

Ephesiology Project


Facilitator’s Guidelines for a Movement Workshop


Collaborative Theology


Interpretive Questions


Model Assist Watch Leave

MAWL is an easy to remember way to train and equip people for ministry. Below are resources that explain how to apply MAWL in your discipleship

M = Model – karya karne ka namuna pesh karna

A= Assist – sath men milkar karya karna

W= Watch – unko karya krne dena aur syam dekhna

L = Leave – uki jimmedari men karya chodkar syam aage badh jane

Special thanks to Rev. Nirmal Soren for his work on translating these Hindi resources.

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