Three areas of ministry are critical in the church: proclamation of the gospel, defense of the faith, and social justice. We believe strongly that the church today must become like the churches of the first century. We believe that we must also demonstrate the same, otherwise we simply become talking heads.

So, at Ephesiology, we will stand on the side of social justice. We will also defend the faith. And we will never waiver from declaring God’s glory so that every people, tribe, language, and nation will one day be represented at the throne of God. Our heart is to encourage all of us to stay on God’s mission as we unite as the body of Christ to glorify God. 

Is this the time for the church to be different? In many ways, God sovereignly prepares us for times like this. Our challenge is how will we respond.

Gospel Proclamation Resources

Ephesiology: The Study of the Ephesian Movement

God’s Mission in the World

The Good News

Defense of the Faith Resources

Unwrapping the First Christmas

When Evangelicals Sneeze: Curing the American Church from the Plague of Identity Loss

Ephesiology Master Classes

Social Justice Resources

Social Injustice: What Evangelicals Need to Know About the World

The Peaceable Christian: Five Evangelicals Reflect on Peace

Special Resources

The Church in Times of Crisis

From our new catalog of master classes: The Church in Times of Crisis. Join Jeff Christopherson (The Send Institute), Michael Cooper (Ephesiology), Alan Hirsch (Forge), and Matt Till (Ephesiology) as they interact together and with others to understand how the church must respond in this time of crisis.

In the Church in Times of Crisis, you’ll hear from leading experts and practitioners about how the church responded historically to crises and how the church can respond today. Our instructors bring years of ministry to bear on how times of hardship inspire us to innovate so that we will be more effective in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting as well as engaging social justice.

Pandemic Resources

As COVID-19 causes us to re-imagine church, we have collected a number of resources that we think might be helpful as we continue to wrestle with what the church will look like in the virus age. Our hope and prayer is that the church will quickly make an adjustment and stay on mission.

As we continue to think about what “staying on mission” looks like, we encourage you to follow the guidelines issued by the authorities.


Restoration Church


Micro-Church Resources

The Bridge at Montrose


Household Liturgy

New City Church


COVID-19 Response

Unshackled Network


Holy Week 2020

More Resources

COVID-19 and the Church: Lessons from History

Responding to COVID-19 – Ephesiology Podcast

“Dear Church . . .”

“Coronavirus, History . . .”

“In Spite of Coronavirus . . .”

Coronavirus and the Church