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An Ephesiology Master Class is not your typical dry seminary course. It is your education so our classes are especially designed for an online and engaging experience that is focused on your learning goals. Academically rigorous like seminary, our Master Classes will take you to places in your biblical, theological, and missiological journey that seminary does not dare go! This is learning designed with you in mind. Since we have been where you are, we focus on content that we know will help you succeed in church planting and missions.

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God’s Mission in the World is a study of God’s movement to reconcile our relationship with Him throughout history. It is a Christ centered approach of looking at the intersection of the Old Testament with the New Testament in God’s redemptive plan of salvation completed in Jesus. This narrative approach provides oral preference teachers and learners with the grand story of the Bible. Such an approach recognizes that teach-ing the Bible in oral cultures or to oral preference learners is more effective when communicated in a story. Oral learners will learn best when they first know the big picture of a story. God’s Mission in the World is focused on that big picture.

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This master class introduces students to key concepts and characteristics of the missiology of a New Testament movement through a comprehensive study of the community of Christ-followers throughout the book of Acts. An examination of the early missionaries provides a missiologically theocentric foundation for joining God’s mission in his relentless pursuit of more people who will worship him. The course will focus on a missiological theology of Christ-followers, leaders, and church through facilitating a conversation in community that leads to the discovery of a framework for the exponential growth of the early church.

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Next to Jesus, the Apostle Paul is the most prominent figure in the early church. For some reason, church planters seem to connect with him on a deep level. Perhaps it is because we want to be like him. Maybe we feel like our experiences are similar to his. Whatever the reason, Paul stands out among the apostles as one who took the gospel to places it had never been. For church planters, and for the rest of us, there is much to learn from the apostle. That is what this small book is about. 

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Lead Like Paul

This master class is designed for church leaders around the world who seek to recover the sense of simplicity found in the first century church. The goal is that house church and small group leaders will resonate with Paul’s ministry as he was largely responsible for the spread of Christianity throughout the Roman Empire and that they too will become people who turn the world upside down. 

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An online experience that helps churches navigate a journey to movement. The transition to a missiologically theocentric church can be met with any number of obstacles. Journey to Movement helps church leaders think through key aspects of what makes a church a movement and helps develop an action plan for a successful transition.

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