Our movement workshop explores the New Testament church as an ongoing historical event of God’s relentless pursuit of relationships with every people group. The exploration of the NT movement will help participants discover a biblical plan of action to multiply disciples and connect God’s story to the story of their community.

Focused on the church that began in Ephesus in 51 AD, participants will uncover the remarkable legacy of spreading the gospel all throughout Asia Minor (Acts 19:10, 20) as well as the rich understanding that all peoples were being built into a dwelling place for God. The journey will trace the life of the church through its beginning in Acts 19 to Paul’s epistle to the church that grounded it biblically. Then, looking at instructions to the church’s leader, 1 and 2 Timothy will provide details of a leader’s responsibilities in movements God continues to orchestrate. Finally, Jesus’s powerful letter to the church in Revelation 2 will set the vision for the ongoing work of proclaiming the gospel to all ethnic groups in order that more people will worship God.

By focusing on discovery learning, the workshop will have a lasting impact on participants as they uncover biblical principles through the story of the church in Ephesus and apply them in their plan to mature disciples and multiple followers of Christ in their community. 


This workshop is especially designed to help church leaders discover God’s will and join with Him as co-laborers on His mission in their community and in the world. The workshop will accomplish the following objectives:

  1. Discover how the early church in Ephesus successfully focused on doing God’s will.
  2. Develop skills to effectively engage their community with the gospel.
  3. Acquire strategies to multiply disciples.
  4. Strengthen abilities to apply God’s word in your life and the life of your church.
  5. Grow in passion for God’s movement in your community and around world.


By doing theology in community, workshop participants discover how to:

  1. Effectively articulate God’s mission in their community and the church’s role in it.
  2. Use biblical principles of dialogue, observation, and history to identify their community’s story.
  3. Connect God’s story to the community’s story.
  4. Develop a plan of action to uniquely communicate God’s story and make more disciples of Jesus Christ.
  5. Participate in God’s mission of more people worshiping Him in their community and around the world.
  6. Lead a church and leadership board in developing a Movement Action Plan focused on the engagement of their community.

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