It is one thing to exegete a culture, what we call missiological exegesis. It is another thing to begin to engage that culture with the gospel. First, however, we must know what we believe. That seems like a funny comment since most of us might be able to clearly articulate what we believe. Yet, the question to ask is does our articulation of what we believe connect with the culture? In other words, when we reflect missiologically on what we have learned about the people, culture, and history of a place, we want to ask two things: 1) what is God doing here; 2) how is the gospel uniquely good news in this culture?

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[n. ih·fē·zē·äləʒē]: The Study of the Ephesian Movement
Ep 38: Restoration Church
by Ephesiologist

On this week’s podcast, hear what Matt Till is doing at Restoration Church. It isn’t perfect, but they are seeing a community committed to prayer, Scripture, fellowship, worship, and missions. Join our podcasters to learn more about Restoration Church.

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