Join Us to End a Theological Famine

In every corner of the globe, there are passionate and dedicated individuals who serve as church leaders, guiding their communities with unwavering commitment. However, many of these leaders face a significant challenge—they lack the resources and opportunities to receive formal theological education, hindering their ability to fully serve and empower their congregations.

We have a unique opportunity to make a profound impact on their lives and the communities they serve. We invite you to join us in providing scholarships for these deserving church leaders who yearn for the knowledge and tools to enhance their ministry.

Through the power of education, we can equip these leaders with the intellectual foundation, critical thinking skills, and theological insights necessary to navigate the complexities of their roles. By offering scholarships, we can open doors that lead to transformation, not only for the individuals themselves but also for their congregations and the broader community.

In partnership, we can provide quality theological education where most needed. As you are considering your end of year giving, we would be honored to partner with you in God’s work around the world.

Here is what some leaders say about our training:

Your training is impressive. To me for our third world countries we would want a low or no cost program to benefit the churches and kingdom.

Pastor *Vinod, India – working with thousands of house church leaders

This is a great resource and training. Let us do this for Nepal and I will be praying for this.

Pastor *Santosh, Nepal – training pastors in all  7 provinces

As you know that ministry need sound theology to stand firmly upon the word of God. And I would like to request you to have a training with my team during your Nepal visit.

Pastor *Beni, Nepal – leading a team sharing the gospel more than 5,000 times each month

I think the Lord will use Ephesiology to accelerate the African mission movement in a special way, and I want to be part of it.

Pastor *Esaie – mobilizing the African church into missions to unreached people groups.

Three ways you can help:

1. Give to our Emerging Scholar Fund

Through our Ephesiology Master Classes’ Seminary for the Majority World, we are training and equipping leaders in more than 100 countries. And, with our partnerships with Kairos University and Mission India Theological Seminary, we are providing accessible and accredited theological education where most needed. If you want to impact the world for Christ and help ensure healthy churches, mature disciples and leaders, then please consider partnering with us to train and equip pastors and missionaries around the world.

When you join at $150/month you provide a full seminary scholarship for one leader
When you join at $75/month you provide a half scholarship for one leader
When you join at $50/month we partner you with three others to provide a full scholarship

Would you help?

Please prayerfully consider helping us end the theological famine.

2. Help us end a theological famine

Check out these four opportunities to help us provide theological education for majority world leaders and how they create win-win-win opportunities. Join one of our learning communities and know that you are also helping leaders around the world. Try any one for a free 10-day trail. No obligation. Become a part of a global community that is doing theology together and providing training for pastors and missionaries in the majority world.

Just $10 per month helps us provide training for majority world leaders

Help provide training for 12 pastors and missionaries for $120/month
Help provide training for 6 pastors and missionaries for $60/month
Help provide training for 3 pastors and missionaries for $30/month
Help provide training for 1 pastors and missionaries for $10/month

3. Partner with the Pod

The Ephesiology Podcast comes to you from a desire to engage in community conversations about the intersection of theology and culture. We do not believe such dialogue should come with a cost so the podcast will always be free. 

However, if you’ve benefited from the Ephesiology Podcast, would you consider a nominal $5 per month donation? All proceeds from the podcast go toward helping bring needed theological education to the majority world through our Ephesiology Master Class initiative to end a theological famine. We’d be honored to partner with you to continue providing solid biblical, theological, and missiological content for listeners around the world.

The Ephesiology Podcast and Ephesiology Master Classes are ministries of TELOS.GO, a registered 501c3 non-profit agency committed to imaginatively missional ways of engageing culture, church planting, and theological education. You donation to the podcast is tax deductible.