Leading a Movement

Paul’s letter to Timothy, the eventual leader of the movement, provides timely instructions on how to keep the movement growing. Timothy was reminded that Jesus came to save sinners and he was to continue his work as an evangelist in the faithful proclamation of the gospel. To ensure the ongoing movement, Paul reminds Timothy to call people to pray. 

Most of all, to pray for those in authority so that the gospel might continue to be proclaimed without hindrance. Timothy was to appoint leaders as well. These were leaders who aspired to the position and were to be an example of those who continued the great mystery of godliness which included the proclamation of Jesus Christ among the nations. In personal instructions for Timothy, Paul reminded him to not be surprised when people left the faith. Instead, he was to move forward in the faith for all to see his progress. The church as well was to be a model to society in how she handled the social issues of the day, including wealth and poverty.

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