Phase 3: Action Group

Action Groups are comprised of Growth Group leaders and are led by Life Group members. The core content of an Action Group is focused on advanced discovery Bible studies that encourage the Growth Group leaders to transition their Growth Groups to Action Groups. Participants in an Action Group actively share their faith in their network and community as well as participate in following up evangelistic events.

The Topical Studies are designed to help the disciple go deeper into the study of the Christian life. They can be completed individually or in one-on-one discipleship. The 1 Timothy Study is designed especially for the Action Group meeting with discovery questions that help new disciples grow in their belief in God, their understanding of what it looks like to live as a Christian, and the importance of gathering together as a community of believers.

Topical Studies1 Timothy
Commitment to Scripture

Commitment to Prayer

Commitment to Worship

Commitment to Fellowship

Commitment to the Great Commission

Why 1 Timothy?

Leader Resources

More Details in Development

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Identity Based Discipleship

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Phase 3: Action Group

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