Unwrapping the First Christmas

A Holiday Evangelistic Tool

Unwrapping the First Christmas was written to use as a tool to effectively engage the post-modern skeptic living in the West, the Hindu adherent of Jyotisha, even the communist atheist Chinese who look to the zodiac for direction in their lives. It also tells the story of how one American family addressed the question of Santa with their kids so it will even appeal to parents of young children. Millennials and Generation Zers will enjoy how the book peels back the layers of Western culture that have piled onto Christianity to get to the true meaning of the first Christmas.

Using Unwrapping the First Christmas as an evangelistic tool:

  1. Office Christmas Party – Use the “How well do you know the Christmas story?” quiz to open up conversations about the differences between our cultural understanding of Christmas and the first Christmas.
  2. Holiday evangelism event – About a month before Christmas or Easter make an initial contact with your neighbors with gift “basket” that includes the Jesus Film, Unwrapping the First Christmas, Gospel of John, and information about your church’s Easter or Christmas service. Then, two weeks before Easter or Christmas, recontact them with a personal invitation either in person, by phone or mail. Follow up on all this by a personal visit after Easter or Christmas with the intention of a verbal presentation of the gospel.
  3. “Christmas in April” – Use the book as a conversation starter with neighbors, family, friends, and co-workers. The book argues that Jesus was born in the spring rather than in December. Use the book as a gift and invite people to a Christmas in April Christmas party.
  4. The Culture of American Christmas – As more and more immigrants move into our communities and neighborhoods, Unwrapping the First Christmas is a great gift to present to people who would like to understand American culture and Christmas traditions. Use the book as a means to engage in conversations about culture and religion.
  5. English as a Second Language – Unwrapping the First Christmas is written in a modern, easy to understand English that is academic yet accessible for the English language learner. It makes a useful tool to help second language readers learn about myths and culture while also learning about the true story of Christmas.
  6. Unwrapping the First Christmas video series – Use the video series of the book for a neighborhood study group. Gather together a group of friends and neighbors for a 10-week study of the origins of Christmas.

Unwrapping the First Christmas is a great resource to help you be more engaged in evangelism. It is a non-threatening and easy tool to engage people with the gospel.

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