Grounding a Movement

The dating of Ephesians, even the audience of the letter with the name of the city, is in question. Most agree that its intention was for all the churches in Asia. Whatever the case, the letter is Paul’s expression of missiological theology written to inspire the churches to continue their responsibility in the plan of God. 

The fulfillment of the plan would not be easy. Brothers and sisters would not always get along. Many would fall away from the faith. The loss of mission would threaten the ongoing movement throughout the region. The churches are reminded that their adversary would take drastic measures to ensure the movement would slow to a crawl. However, the work that God had prepared for the church to walk in before the beginning of time could not be thwarted easily. This session will examine the theological underpinnings of a movement that is focused on participating in God’s will of uniting all things in Christ.

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