Endorsements for When Evangelicals Sneeze

“As I picked up Dr. Cooper’s latest work and read it, I felt a punch to my gut. First it was like a jab but it then developed into a knock-out blow. As a retired pastor I have been taking time to weigh modern evangelicalism with what I learned in seminary and especially as it relates to the current political, healthcare and financial crises in our country. Cooper brings his massive understanding of history, theology and missional work to support the reality that evangelicalism, as a system, is being blown apart. In When Evangelicals Sneeze Michael is bold with his assessment and prognosis. Reading this makes me want to Love God, Love my Neighbor and when I learn about that, to Let the Whole World Know! In light of current struggles, the church and every confessing believer need to read this book.”

Rev. Scott Roley
Retired Pastor
Christ Community Church, 
Franklin, TN
Author of Hard Bargain: A Beautiful Place to Live

“Michael has done a masterful job of crafting a study of the state of evangelicalism and charting of a way forward. He paints a tragic but accurate picture of the unfortunate coalescing of the church and politics that does damage to the Church’s global and local witness. Coining and unpacking “Trumpgelicals” is a valuable task as he hopes to re-define or reclaim evangelicalism. Faithful Jesus followers who seek to also be civic minded would be undoubtedly challenged and blessed by this timely book.”

Arman Sheffey 
Executive Director 
Unshackled Network

“In When Evangelicals Sneeze, Michael Cooper sounds a clear and chilling alarm for the evangelical church in America. Dr. Cooper calls for swift and serious action to reclaim the theological and historical foundations of our evangelical churches from what he calls  ‘Trumpgelicalism,’ a new religious movement based in a conflation of a political agenda and religious practices. This timely book prompts us to deep self-reflection and asks us to return to our first love- the glory of God alone. Well done!”

Kathy Richards Bhatia, MDiv, BCC

“Michael Cooper has provided us with an insightful history, and a generous definition of American Evangelicalism, but more importantly, he has shown us its weakening witness in the grasp of the current politics and structures of power. This is a book for those who desire to retrieve the euangelion in the declining Evangelical church.”

Phil Wyman
Missional Traveler
Host of Wild Theology Podcast

“Naming the current mutation of American evangelicalism ‘Trumpgelicalism’ will not get Michael an invitation to the National Prayer Breakfast, but those who care about the church and her mission need to accept his invitation to ask hard questions about the identity of evangelicalism. Michael helps us see that the merging of faith and politics has produced something closer to a new religion than the gospel driven movement that ‘turned the world upside down.’ Michael doesn’t just critique, he offers a way forward for the evangelical church to be restored to her true identity. A must read for those who care about the evangel, the church, and the world.”

Rev. David Thompson
Our Savior Lutheran Church
McKinney, Texas

As a church planter in South America for 18 years, I saw that if the idea of Christ was aligned with any particular political movement, then that could become a stumbling block for someone coming to Christ. In this book Michael instigates a necessary conversation that implores the church to remember her true identity that is not tied to any certain political power, but to the relational work of defending the good news, engaging culture in service of the poor and marginalized, and living heart-to-heart in community under Christ’s authority and love. A timely prophetic word, indeed!

Toni M. Daniels
LK10 Training Champion 
Author of Joy-Fueled: Catalyzing a Revolution of Joyful Communities and Back to Joy: An Intimate Journey with Jesus into Emotional Health and Maturity

“The current state of affairs sets the stage for evangelicals to reflect anew on who they are, and who they might become. In this volume, Michael Cooper helps readers as they explore the issues related to how evangelicals lost their identity that was forged in the past, and how they might regain a more historic and biblical sense of it. Whether you are trying to understand your evangelical faith identity, or shape it into something new, this book serves as an important guide in your journey.”

John W. Morehead
Evangelical Chapter of the Foundation for Religious Diplomacy 

“Dr. Cooper’s latest book is a valuable contribution to the important conversations going on at present about the state of American (White) evangelicalism. Those less familiar with the origins and history of evangelicalism will appreciate his knowledgeable summary and those less familiar with serious issues confronting this branch of Christianity in 2020 will appreciate how well he describes the situation and identifies what is at stake for American evangelism.Perhaps the most important and distinctive contributions, however, are his analysis of evangelicalism’s alliance with the political right – what he calls Trumpgelicals – using the rubric of characteristics of new religious movements (NRMs), a field of study in which he has specialized, and his prescriptions for evangelicalism to reclaim its true God-given identity and calling. Highly recommended.”

Dr. William J. Moulder
Professor of Biblical Studies
Trinity International University

“Evangelicalism isn’t what it used to be. In When Evangelicals Sneeze, Michael Cooper explores the heart of historic evangelicalism, how it changed, and how we might recapture an authentic evangelical identity. Addressing the reality of our day–including the effects of evangelical mission on global Christianity and the phenomenon of “Trumpgelicalism”–Cooper points the way toward a healthier and more life-giving Christianity.”

Markus Watson
Author of Beyond Thingification: Helping Your Church Engage in God’s Mission 
Host of the Spiritual Life and Leadership podcast

“Michael Cooper has effectively plotted the location of American evangelicalism on a map that seems to morph with every changing social, religious, and political wind. Not always pretty, certainly painful, but absolutely necessary, Michael offers a thoughtful critique of the current state of evangelicalism that needs to be heard. In these pages, he has shed light on an evangelical cognitive dissonance that threatens both evangelical witness within the United States, and both individual and congregational faithfulness to Jesus and the mission He left for His Church. With much research and biblical support, this work offers a way forward, a call to go back to Scripture, learn from the Church’s history, and faithfully apply our individual and corporate identity in Christ to our current context. With much hope, I see Michael as giving American evangelicals the opportunity to reclaim our true identity in Christ over the against the sour pottage it has become.”

Rev. Dr. David Feiser 
Round Hill Evangelical Presbyterian Church
Crossroads, PA

“In When Evangelicals Sneeze, Michael Cooper ably exposes the major weakness of the American evangelical church: it’s marriage to political parties, and, especially, Donald Trump. This marriage prevents evangelicals from fully engaging in its mission in this world: to proclaim the Gospel message, to defend the faith, and to work toward making the world a more just place. Fortunately for us, Cooper provides a path forward, returning to our first-century roots to reclaim who we are as evangelical Christ-followers and re-engage the world for the sake of God’s glory and Christ’s Gospel.  It also provided me, in my role as a pastor shepherding and evangelical church, with hope and clarity for how to best live into my calling and help my congregation be more faithful to our mission.”

Rev. Steve Hoffman 
Senior Pastor 
Covenant Community Church
Fairfield, OH

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