Discussion Questions – Ch 9

Sustaining a Movement


After reading the chapter, respond to the follow discussion questions with your small group, house church, or leadership team.

  • How does reading Revelation with a missiological lens change the purpose of the book?

  • How do you maintain sound doctrine in your own faith? How do you help those you lead learn how to do the same?

  • In what ways does your sexual ethic exude the love and grace of Jesus while standing against the sexual “winds” of today?

  • List three ways that you (and three more for your church/ministry) have forcibly acted to address social injustices of our Western culture.

  • Aside from the topics just covered, what are some areas, theological or social, that you believe movement leaders must begin teaching against? How do these things fall under theology proper instead of simply theologoumenon?

  • What was the first love that the Ephesian church lost? How did the good things become distractions?

  • How are you keeping your first love FIRST above all else?

  • What habits and rhythms have you put in place to embolden and deepen your first love?

Spend a moment before moving on and pray that the Holy Spirit speaks clearly to you/you all as you reengage with Ephesiology.

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Gregory the Theologian said in effect that theology should be conducted between people who are serious and it should be characterized by pure and peaceful collaboration. We invite you into this collaboration as you reflect on the following questions. Join the discussion by posting comments below. As fellow learners, please be respectful and gracious in your interactions with others.

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