Discussion Questions – Ch 6

Grounding a Movement


After reading the chapter, respond to the follow discussion questions with your small group, house church, or leadership team.

  • After reading this chapter, how would you answer the question, “What is God’s will for my life?” Where do you see that in Ephesians 1?

  • What do you think people know your family as? What would you like for your family to be known as?

  • How is God’s will preeminent in our predestination?

  • If you knew that you could write a letter to a captivated audience of 150 churches, what would be the three most critical things you would write to them?

  • What does it mean to you personally to be an adopted child of God?

  • How have the complex theologies that came from the Reformation era helped you worship Jesus and helped others become worshippers of Jesus? How have these same theologies distracted you from God’s mission in the world?

  • When is the best time to share the Gospel and who are the optimal people to share it with? Why?

  • How have you seen the establishment of a local church building become an evangelism killer? How have you seen brick and mortar empower Gospel proclamation?

  • How has Satan hampered you from engaging in God’s mission?

  • How might you use the armor of God to advance the Gospel as a church this week?

  • How does being a “people of the movement” change our daily rhythms?

  • How have you seen the negative impact of “transmitted professional leadership” in your context? How have you contributed to it?

  • Between Believe, Behave and Belong, which do you see getting the majority of attention in your context? What are some ways to healthily balance that out?

Spend a moment before moving on and pray that the Holy Spirit speaks clearly to you/you all as you reengage with Ephesiology.

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Gregory the Theologian said in effect that theology should be conducted between people who are serious and it should be characterized by pure and peaceful collaboration. We invite you into this collaboration as you reflect on the following questions. Join the discussion by posting comments below. As fellow learners, please be respectful and gracious in your interactions with others.

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