Discussion Questions – Ch 1

Introducing Ephesiology


After reading the chapter, respond to the follow discussion questions with your small group, house church, or leadership team.

  • The New Testament is replete with believers sacrificing a great deal for the movement, as the Kogi believers did. What have you had to sacrifice to see your faith grow? What might still need to be sacrificed to pursue a global movement of the gospel?

  • How do you think a reading of the Bible will change for you through a “missiologocally theocentric” viewpoint?

  • Take a moment and reflect on your group/organization: where do you see “institutional habits” taking root?

  • Research time! How much money (amount & percentage) does your church spend annually on missions (local, foreign, unreached people groups)? What has led your leadership to spend that much in those places? What’s the rate your city is gaining/losing churches? How is your church participating in improving those numbers?

  • How does listening to the Bible fit into your relationship with Jesus?

  • What hesitations do you have looking at Ephesians through this new lens? Where do you feel renewed excitement?

Spend a moment before moving on and pray that the Holy Spirit speaks clearly to you/you all as you reengage with Ephesiology.

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Gregory the Theologian said in effect that theology should be conducted between people who are serious and it should be characterized by pure and peaceful collaboration. We invite you into this collaboration as you reflect on the following questions. Join the discussion by posting comments below. As fellow learners, please be respectful and gracious in your interactions with others.

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