Christmas Catalogue

Our new 2021 Christmas Catalogue is full of resources to encourage you to grow in your Christian faith.

When you purchase any of our Ephesiology products, you are helping us equip church leaders around the world. We hope these resources will be a blessing to you. We know that when you buy one, a Christian leader in the majority world will also be blessed.

Merry Christmas,
The Ephesiology Team

Our Christmas Bundle

This Christmas, give a gift that will last throughout the year. Our Christmas package will encourage you and a friend or family member to grow in your faith as you learn how to study the Bible, about the true meaning of Christmas, and much more.

Receive five personal enrichment courses for $95 and we’ll send you a coupon for a 100% discount on the bundle to gift to a friend or family member.

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Ephesiology Master Classes

The Church in Times of Crisis

You’ll hear leading experts, like Jeff Christopherson, co-director of the Send Institute at Wheaton College, and Alan Hirsch, founder of Forge and best-selling author, focus on what the future of evangelicalism and its leadership. You’ll also hear from church planters like Devlin Scott of NewCity Church, Russell Cravens of Neartown Church, and Heath Haynes of The Bridge Montrose as they wrestle with how the 21st century church must adapt to the new cultural realities of racial tension, global pandemic, and pastoral leadership.

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Releasing Your Leadership Potential

Join Alan Hirsch and Rich Robinson to explore God’s DNA for the church, as revealed explicitly in Ephesians 4, and implicitly through scripture and embodied in Jesus. Beginning with an overview to get a grounding in key terms (apostle, prophet, evangelist, shepherd, teacher), you will then consider the person and praxis of Jesus as he embodies APEST as a model for us, and then move to explore the implications of APEST for individuals, the Church, and society at large.

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More Ephesiology Master Classes!

Here’s where you cultivate a passion for God’s mission


Ephesiology: The Study of the Ephesian Movement

Discover God's passion for movements

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Unwrapping the First Christmas

Uncover the true meaning of the nativity

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Social Injustice, Volume 1

What Evangelicals need to know about the world

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Social Injustice, Volume 2

Evangelical Voices in Tumultuous Times

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A Faithful Witness

Lessons from the Third Century Church for Times of Political, Economic, and Social Turmoil

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When Evangelicals Sneeze

Curing the American Church from the Plague of Identity Loss

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More Books!

Check out other books from Ephesiology Master Class instructors like Alan Hirsch, Jeff Christopherson, Randy Newman, Tom Steffen, Steve Leston, and many more!

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Join a Learning Collaborative

And help us end a theological famine

Check out four ways you can help and how they create win-win-win opportunities. Try any one for a free 10-day trail. No obligation. Become a part of a global community that is doing theology together and bringing relief for a theological famine.

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Earn a Master of Arts degree

Equipping leaders to effectively engage their culture with the skills and character concomitant with a biblically informed worldview in order to catalyze movements of disciples around the world. When you enroll in the MA degree, you also help us equip a student where most needed.

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A Unique Program for the Local Church

Pastors are making a considerable investment of their time and resources, and we want to help make their load lighter by equipping leaders to walk with them to see their community transformed by the gospel.

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