T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution: The Story Behind the World’s Fastest Growing Church Planting Movement and How it Can Happen in Your Community!
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Publisher: WIGTake Resources
Publication Year: 2011
ISBN: 0974756210

In 2001, the Southern Baptist International Mission Board began tracking an Asia–based Church Planting Movement, a rapid multiplication of new church starts, that exceeded anything they had witnessed in the organization's 156–year history. In the decade that followed, the movement accelerated producing tens of thousands of new churches and hundreds of thousands of new baptized believers. By the end of the decade, this movement of God had seen 1.7 million baptisms and 150,000 new church starts.

Ying Kai and his wife Grace, Chinese–American Southern Baptist missionaries, developed the outreach and church planting program that they called Training for Trainers or T4T as a means of addressing the overwhelming challenge of an unreached people group numbering tens of millions of lost souls. Rather than simply doing evangelism, or discipleship, or church planting, the Kais felt led of God to train multiplying generations of national partners who in turn would train generations of the same.

In T4T: A Discipleship Re–Revolution fellow–Baptist missionary and author Steve Smith captures the story, principles, and spirit of Ying Kai's T4T. In this engaging 350–page book, Smith describes how God is at work in the fastest growing church–planting movement in the world today, and how its principles can be applied in your own ministry. T4T has already proven itself by adapting well to many other ministries, infusing them with reproducibility that enhances rather than competes with their own distinctive kingdom contribution.
Built on New Testament kingdom principles, T4T integrates evangelism, discipleship, church planting, and leadership development in a seamless process that has proven effective in multiplying new communities of faith. Though T4T was born in Asia, it is now bearing fruit in the U.S., as practitioners in Texas, Indiana, North Carolina and other states report multiplying generations of new believers, disciples and church starts. Learn more about T4T from its dedicated website www.T4TOnline.org.

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About the Book

Steve Smith trains and coaches believers how to cooperate with the Spirit of God to see church planting movements emerge among the nations.

His education includes a B.A. in N.T. Greek, M.Div., M.Th. and Th.D. in missiology. The first few years of his ministry were spent pastoring both in rural situations and in the urban core of Los Angeles. He and his family started a church in L.A. very similar to the one described in his novels HASTENING and REBIRTH.

For 16 years, the Smiths labored in Asia. They were privileged to be personally involved when God started a church planting movement among a previously-unreached people group in Asia. Since 2013 they have worked globally to catalyze movements of God and finish the task of reaching every people group with the gospel. Steve is the VP of Multiplication for East-West Ministries and also Global Movement Catalyst for Beyond.org.

As a student of the Word and the works of God, Steve seeks to help fellow believers live out the timeless principles of God’s kingdom wherever they serve. He (with Ying Kai) is the author of T4T: A Discipleship Re-Revolution (2011 WigTake Resources). He is the author of a two volume novel being published in 2015/16: The No Place Left Series – Book 1: HASTENING; Book 2: REBIRTH.

Steve is married to the wonderful Laura Nesom Smith and has three incredible sons, Cristopher, Joshua and David. For almost three decades they have worked together as a family to see all the remaining people groups of the world fervently bow the knee to the Lamb who sits on the throne.

Steve’s aspiration is to be in the final generation that welcomes the return of the King.

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