Perspectives on Post-Christendom Spiritualties: Reflections on New Religious Movements and Western Spiritualities

“There is here a wealth of information and careful analysis which will enable better understanding of an often confusing subject. The concern throughout is to understand the [new spiritualities], not to castigate or ridicule. The contributors write from a desire that fol-lowers of the new religious movements would come to faith in Jesus Christ. Responsible scholarship about new religious movements need not be incompatible with missiological objectives. To the contrary, as the essays which follow demonstrate, the latter actually depends upon the former.” - Harold A. Netland, professor of philosophy of religion and intercultural studies, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

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About the Book

Dr. Michael T. Cooper is the author of Contemporary Druidry: A Historical and Ethnographic Study (Sacred Tribes Press, 2010) and co-editor of Social Injustice (The Timothy Center Press, 2011) and The Peaceable Christian (The Timothy Center Press, 2011) and Reflections on Post-Christendom Spiritualities (Morling Press, 2010).

Michael has contributed numerous academic articles in Nova Religio, Pomegranate, Journal of Nature, Religion and Culture, Sacred Tribes Journal, Common Ground Journal among others and he has presented academic papers at the University of Utah, London School of Economics, University of Bordeaux, University of Craiova and others.

Dr. Cooper holds a PhD from Trinity International University, a MA from Columbia International University and a BED from Texas A&M University.

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Publisher: Morling Press
Publication Year: 2011
ISBN: 0980642124
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