Christianity, Critical Race Theory, and Relational Ethics

Critical race theory (CRT) is finding expression in various social issues around the world. Its renown recently received an unlikely boost by six Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) associated seminary presidents when they unilaterally denounced CRT as incompatible with the SBC’s “The Baptist Faith and Message” (Schroeder 2020). The backlash among Black pastors in the SBCContinue reading Christianity, Critical Race Theory, and Relational Ethics

The Peaceable Christian

Each year around this time, Americans are reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his life of service for civil rights, and his call to nonviolent resistance as a means for producing change. Over the past year in the United States, the unwarranted shooting of Blacks by police, the number of protests leading to riotsContinue reading The Peaceable Christian

Hand washing and Politics

Jesus was often counter-cultural. He upset a lot of people because He would frequently break the status quo and do the will of His Father (Matthew 12:50) instead of “following the rules” society had established. On the heels of the vice presidential debate and the “super spreading” event that caused the hospitalization of the presidentContinue reading Hand washing and Politics

Who Would Jesus Vote for?

With less than 60 days until the 2020 presidential election, who would Jesus vote for? Both evangelical Democrats and Republicans would no doubt claim He would vote for their candidate. Even more, both sides would argue that their political party best represents the values of the Kingdom of God. Admittedly, there are those who seeContinue reading Who Would Jesus Vote for?

What is Social Justice Anyway?

Social justice has become a polarizing term that has set Christians against each other. Contributing to the confusion are social theories such as critical theory and critical race theory where social justice tends to focus on opposing systemic issues where an oppressor group has disadvantaged other groups. Such theories, when applied by Christians, tend toContinue reading What is Social Justice Anyway?

We are not okay

I am a Black Man. We are not okay. I grew up on Chicago’s Southside and I saw drugs, gangs and violence as common things in my childhood — heck, my dad was instrumental in some of it. Now I live in a predominately white, wealthy Boston suburb trying to plant a church and effectivelyContinue reading We are not okay

The Call for Courageous Leaders

The global west is now on the front lines in the battle against COVID-19. The epicenter of the novel coronavirus has shifted from our distant shores to our communities. After a sudden two-week blitz in the United States of implementing extreme social distancing measures that included closing stadiums, canceling large events, shutting our borders, closingContinue reading The Call for Courageous Leaders

The End of Evangelicalism

The reaction to Mark Galli’s editorial in Christianity Today reveals how polarized the current political climate is in the United States. Some question his motives and others wonder what has taken so long. There are as many loud evangelical voices of dissent as there are of support for Galli’s call for President Trump’s removal from office. TheContinue reading The End of Evangelicalism