Hand washing and Politics

Jesus was often counter-cultural. He upset a lot of people because He would frequently break the status quo and do the will of His Father (Matthew 12:50) instead of “following the rules” society had established. On the heels of the vice presidential debate and the “super spreading” event that caused the hospitalization of the presidentContinue reading Hand washing and Politics

Fighting for Freedom of Religion?

If you have been following the news regarding Grace Community Church and its pastor John MacArthur’s battle in the courts of California, you might be thinking this is one of those complex issues confronting Christian churches across the country.  Watch the latest video at foxnews.com The claim that California is prohibiting the freedom to worshipContinue reading Fighting for Freedom of Religion?

Who Would Jesus Vote for?

With less than 60 days until the 2020 presidential election, who would Jesus vote for? Both evangelical Democrats and Republicans would no doubt claim He would vote for their candidate. Even more, both sides would argue that their political party best represents the values of the Kingdom of God. Admittedly, there are those who seeContinue reading Who Would Jesus Vote for?

The Effect of Our Witness

During the course of my research for When Evangelicals Sneeze: Curing the American Church from the Plague of Identity Loss, I came across many comments about evangelicals. Some of them were from evangelicals in other parts of the world talking about American evangelicals. Some were evangelical Democrats talking about evangelical Republicans and vice versa. OthersContinue reading The Effect of Our Witness

The Way of Jesus

In the fourth century, the North African theologian, Augustine, understood the New Testament to teach that sometimes violent coercion of heretics and unbelievers was acceptable to ensure a Christian nation. He wrote, “You also read how he who was at first Saul, and afterwards Paul, was compelled, by the great violence with which Christ coerced him, to knowContinue reading The Way of Jesus

Can Evangelicalism be Saved?

Over the month of December, the American political environment opened an opportunity for many to discuss – perhaps debate or argue is more apropos – the merits of the moniker “evangelical.” There are valid reasons for such conversations as we’ve seen an expression of evangelicalism in America that seemingly gives more attention to the socialContinue reading Can Evangelicalism be Saved?

The End of Evangelicalism

The reaction to Mark Galli’s editorial in Christianity Today reveals how polarized the current political climate is in the United States. Some question his motives and others wonder what has taken so long. There are as many loud evangelical voices of dissent as there are of support for Galli’s call for President Trump’s removal from office. TheContinue reading The End of Evangelicalism