Christianity, Critical Race Theory, and Relational Ethics

Critical race theory (CRT) is finding expression in various social issues around the world. Its renown recently received an unlikely boost by six Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) associated seminary presidents when they unilaterally denounced CRT as incompatible with the SBC’s “The Baptist Faith and Message” (Schroeder 2020). The backlash among Black pastors in the SBCContinue reading Christianity, Critical Race Theory, and Relational Ethics

A Reorientation to Discipleship

Could there not be a more important topic at the beginning of the third decade of the second millennia than social justice? Simply a cursory observation of the contemporary cultural landscape indicates there is not. Indeed, justice might rightly be described as a uniting hallmark for the struggle of all people. Whether one is seekingContinue reading A Reorientation to Discipleship

The Peaceable Christian

Each year around this time, Americans are reminded of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., his life of service for civil rights, and his call to nonviolent resistance as a means for producing change. Over the past year in the United States, the unwarranted shooting of Blacks by police, the number of protests leading to riotsContinue reading The Peaceable Christian