Episode 142: The Church and Mental Health

On this episode of the Ephesiology Podcast, author and co-founder of a ministry focused on trauma healing, Evan Owens, joins Andrew and Michael to discuss mental health in the church. Evan shares how psychology is catching up with what we know about the importance of long-term relationships for personal well-being versus one-hour counseling sessions. One of our growing number of partners, Evan co-leads Reboot Recovery which focuses on equipping the church to walk with those who have experienced traumatic events. See the video version of this podcast on YouTube.

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Our Podcasters

Michael Cooper
Professor | Missiologist | Author

Michael is the missiologist in residence with East West where he focuses on equipping and empowering church leaders in evangelism, discipleship, leadership, and catalyzing church planting movements in the most difficult to reach places on the planet. He is the author of Ephesiology: The Study of the Ephesian Movement.

Andrew Johnson
Associate Pastor, Neartown Church

Andrew is a pastor, husband and father who desires all to know the one true King. He happily serves at Neartown Church in Houston, TX with a vibrant and growing community. He is the co-host of the Ephesiology Podcast. He is currently a Doctor of Ministry student at Kairos University.


Overcome Academy

Train your team to help people overcome trauma and mental health challenges. We’ve got a serious problem. Americans are at a breaking point when it comes to our mental, emotional, and spiritual health. Yet many Christians aren’t responding to those who have gone through trauma. And the primary reason we aren’t doing more to help is that we don’t believe we’re qualified to help. After all, it’s one thing to feed a hungry mouth or clean up a local park, but mental health? That’s best left to the professionals. Right? This belief leads us to defer to “outside experts” to handle the heavy stuff. But in doing so, we the Church are losing our voice to help the hurting. Think of it this way – not everyone can be a heart surgeon, but we can all learn CPR to help save a life. The same is true when it comes to helping those who have faced a traumatic experience. While very few of us are called to be certified counselors, everyone should have the basic training needed to respond to someone who is dealing with tragedy, mental health struggles, abuse, or trauma – especially Christians.

Ephesiology: A Study of the Ephesian Movement

If you want to understand principles for the growth of Christianity in the first century, the place to begin is the city of Ephesus. In this winsome study, Ephesiology offers readers a comprehensive view of the empowering work of the Holy Spirit in the most significant city of the New Testament, and compels us to ask the question: how can we effectively connect Christ to our culture? 

“Masterfully handling the book of Ephesians and using its content as a definitive guide, Michael Cooper lays a theologically strong foundation that is both corrective and directive to disciple making movements.  The principles he gleans from the book of Ephesians and related texts, help to ensure the on-going multiplication and maturation of a movement. Because these are supra-cultural principles, they are applicable anywhere in the world.”

Marvin J. Newell, Staff Missiologist, Missio Nexus, Author of Crossing Cultures in Scripture

Educating to Shift the Tracks of History

To shift the tracks of history requires leaders who are equipped to critically assess and engage the contours of contemporary culture. As a new initiative in collaboration with the Movement Leaders Collective, Kairos University, and Ephesiology, we deliver just-in-time theological education focused on issues important to you, mxAcademy is designed as the theological and missiological foundation to unlock your potential as a movement leader and catalytic thinker. mxAcademy is a dynamic and innovative educational experience rooted in mDNA.

We dream of a church fully equipped, fully mature, fully mobilized, and fully alive. A church that lives and breathes the Good News of Jesus!

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