The Ephesiology Project

The vision for the project is to glorify God by multiplying mature followers of Jesus Christ who will faithfully lead cascading movements of churches. We will achieve the multiplication of mature believers through leadership development training seminars as well as print, video, and audio mediums. The development of a globally accessible platform will assist in resourcing and equipping national leaders to train movement catalysts in six gateway languages (Arabic, French, Hindi, Nepali, Spanish, Turkish).

Expected Project Outcomes

We expect the following three outcomes in 2019-2020:

  1. Work with national leaders to create culturally appropriate leadership development resources in six gateway languages focused on empowering movement catalysts through discovery learning.
  2. On Site Seminars – Three training seminars in six gateway language locations will focus on training key national movement catalysts who will train an estimated 3,645 trainers to multiply additional trainers. The seminars will be discovery learning based with an emphasis on doing theology in community to ensure rootedness in the culture and fidelity to the Christian faith.
  3. Production of globally accessible media with special attention on oral preference learning that will enhance and contribute to facilitating the ongoing leadership development of trainers of trainers and resource majority world missionaries.

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